We are a non-profit, open access & open peer reviewing e-journal based on a cooperative model
A new way to publish...

... in a democratic structure


Join the community

Thanks to an innovative cooperative approach, researchers and public agencies are at the center of publishing. You are part of the platform and you have the power to steer it.


Participate in the democratic governance

A publishing platform with a democratic governance is healthier for Sciences. Researchers, Editors and Public Agencies will find together agreements about charges and diversity of published subjects

More details about the structure


Publish and/or review

Through the reviewing and/or publishing work, researchers obtain rights in the cooperative. Our goal is to give more visibility, transparency and in interactivity to the peer-reviewing work.

An innovative platform

Editing Tools

Adapted to scientific content (in Latex or full text similar to Google docs - co-writting - manage the historic of modifications). Automation of bibliographic referencing, alerts on references linked to retracted articles

Open & close Peer-reviewing

The open peer-review consists in opening the review committee to the researchers of the domain and publish the reports of the different reviewers (anonymized or not). Anonymity will be optional. Any repeated abuse of anonymity will be identified by the community and anonymity of the abuser will be alleviated

Data visualization

R scripts to allow replay and sharing of experimental data (and its python counterpart)

Reviewing tools

Open annotation brings an open conversation over scientific community. A reviewer can asks minor revisions or major revisions. Other reviewers will be able to support these requests by upvoting or downvoting.

Peer-valuation of the article

A continuous evaluation of the article by other researchers is made possible thanks to a dynamic scores (chart on the right).


Automatic request of DOI (digital object identification) for each article (pre-print and submission) or data, in order to facilitate its referencing by other researchers who wish to quote them.

Digest content

To increase your visibility, a digest content can be introduced to help non-expert understanding (journalist, curious citizens...)

The Team


Michael Rera

Researcher (in french institution)
Project initiator

Nicolas Eberlé

Project Lead
Data scientist and full-stack developer


June 2018


The futur members of the cooperative can leave their email to be registered during the creation of the cooperative. Researchers, public agencies, libraries and editors are invited to join the non-profit organisation.

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June. 2019

First prototype (alpha version)

We will work hard to release the first prototype of the plateform. Co-editing tools will be available for the first reviewing around pre-print articles or research notebooks.

In parallel, volonteers and futur reviewers are invited to join the adventure

Sept. 2019


Creation of the cooperative with the different players (researchers, public agencies, editors). Registration throught international ISBN agencies and DOI agencies.

Nov/Dec. 2019

Beta Release

Thanks to all feedbacks of the beta version, a stable beta release will be available before the end of the year.

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